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Books on the Desktop

This section lists the books we can recommend, that are on our desktop. It's a random sampling what we use everyday.

  • "Open Source Development with CVS", Karl Fogel, ISBN 1-57610-490-7
  • "Programming .NET Security, Writing Secure Applications Using C# or Bisual Basic .NET", Adam Freeman and Allen Jones, ISBN 0-596-00442-7
  • ".NET Framework Security", LaMacchia, Lange, Lyons, Martin, Price, ISBN 0-672-32184-X
  • "Network Security: Private Communication in a public World", Kaufman, Perlman, Speciner ISBN 0-13-061466-1

Essays on Software Engineering

I have written a number of essays on aspects of software engineering, based upon long (and at times painful) experience in the field. Read the essays, and why I write them.

Read my blog on learning how to use Python for data analysis and visualization.