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I feel that I can make some interesting comments on software engineering projects, in the sense that someone at the frontline can comment on trench warfare. Actually it's not that been that bad; I have been fortunate that my career has spanned coding programs that ran on core memory, through to today. I have been very fortunate to get in on the ground floor when lack of formal qualifications was no handicap. So I'll try to compose a regular essay for the amusement, scorn, and maybe comment from others in the field. Its an attempt to try and create a diffuse sense of "Cyber community" at a more detailed and stately pace than (say) comp.software-eng

However, be warned that in programming as in other fields, the self-taught are at a disadvantage in that they can absorb opinions and views uncritically without the filter that the convential wisdom (usually) provides. Even a good dose of Real-Life ® projects is no guarantee that this hard-won experience has any relevance to the world tomorrow. Reason says that people and politics won't change (and haven't changed since the days of the Greeks, or earlier); gut feeling says that people and politics will always be more significant than the technology (but then the buggy-whip people probably thought that too).

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